Using Tabletime on iOS

Tabletime isn't available on the App Store - but you can still use the app on iOS!
The iOS version includes all the features that the native version has, except for notifications.

Installing Tabletime on iOS

To use Tabletime on iOS follow these instructions:

  1. Tap here to open the web version of the app in Safari

  2. Tap the share button

  3. iPhone Screenshot
  4. Scroll down and tap 'Add to Home Screen'

  5. iPhone Screenshot

Now Tabletime should appear on your home screen just like any other app!

Why isn't Tabletime on the App Store

The reason Tabletime isn't on the App Store is that Apple charges developers an annual fee of $99 to be able to publish apps. As I am a small developer and this app is not monetized with ads or in-app purchases, I do not have the funds to publish on the App Store.

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